Hello, I am a student of Manava Bharati School Dehradun. On my way to school from home I am full of joy, because it is that time of the day when I feel fresh and full of energy. As I enter the school gates I look at the beautiful flowers, arrayed with different colours and beauty, smiling at me. Some small and some big, some eager to touch the sky and some barely peep out from behind the leaves. Some say look how beautifully I am coloured, how lovely I look. I have been wonderfully created, to cover the earth with beauty. I can even hear the little buds say, we too shall bloom and become beautiful, and you shall see in wonder.

Looking at the flowers and thinking about them my body and mind feel refreshed. I know that when the body and mind are refreshed then the motivation to do everything increases, like studies and other activities, even sports and exercise. So today I learnt that flowers not only make a place look attractive but also refresh you to enable you to have new ideas.

I talked with the gardener. I told him that I see him working hard on the flowers, I usually see you near the flowers and sometimes I feel like you whisper something to them. Giving them, water, and manure; planting seeds and saplings; protecting them from the sun, shade, and worms. You do all of these things so that you could see your flowers bloom. You look after them just like parents look after their children. Do you care about your flowers only for the beauty of it or do you see something beyond?

After talking to the gardener I understood the answer to my question that why it is important to have flowers in the school. What do we learn from flowers?

The gardener told me that he is like a parent and a teacher to the flowers. Parents are always mindful and caring towards the growth of their children. They always care about the comfort of their children. In the same way teachers also feel the responsibility to care about their students’ future and understanding of knowledge. They want their students to know the difference between good and evil; they want to discipline them; they want to inspire them to do something new; to help them come out of their weaknesses; and push them towards a brighter future. In the same way the gardener also want to grow, bloom and make the flowers reach their complete beauty. The gardener even helps to make healthy and bloom the flowers that are wilting, his effort is the just like the teachers who want to help their students to move forward in the right direction.


Manava Bharti school campus is a garden of flowers that wants to tell its students that your mind and bodies are beautiful like the flowers full of energy and life, eager to touch the sky and your life will be fragrant like the flowers, without any pressure because flowers cannot bloom under oppression. So now I finally understand why my school has so many beautiful flowers.