Real learning can never be achieved through forcing information into the mind of young ones. This happens only when natural curiosity is nurtured and the act of questioning and searching for answers without hesitation is encouraged. To facilitate this, we create an atmosphere which is warm, amiable and supportive to children. Our teachers are not authority-wielding figures to children but friendly and approachable mentors and guides who ensure that the classroom is an emotionally safe space where children can divulge deeper in what interests them and take risks with their imaginations and burgeon without a fear of being judged.

Learning Strategies at MBIIS :

In Pre-Primary, we follow a thematic approach of teaching. Through themes such as seasons, animals, gardens and festivals, children learn various subjects like plant science, animal science, mathematics and languages. Field visits, audio visual aids and theme based activities give children real experiences and make learning interesting. Sports, music, dance, art and craft are also given a lot of importance to help the child’s physical, social, emotional development and creativity. In classes 1 and 2, along with themes, subject based learning also is given a lot of importance.