Teacher Development

Teacher support and development is considered to be the backbone of the work at MBIIS. One can not underestimate the importance of a teacher in the lives of children as not only do they impart knowledge to young minds but also act as role models from whom children imbibe characteristics which go on to shape their lives. At the heart of teacher effectiveness is the teacher’s ability to understand the individual profiles of every student in the classroom. To ensure this there is a careful selection of trained teachers is followed by a strong teacher development and support programme. Teachers at MBIIS are required to

  • Be informed about the latest research findings in education.
  • Be in touch with their inner self and professional development.
  • Develop interpersonal skills necessary for meaningful interaction with school-age children.
  • Learn from the strengths of experienced teachers in schools in India and abroad.
  • Upgrade their skills and knowledge levels as teachers of an integrated educational.

Various workshops and trainings are conducted to address the needs of the teachers at MBIIS. These workshops are held by resource persons from accomplished schools of learning and universities of higher education.